Author: Matt Digeronimo
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 9781478778127
Format: PDF, Mobi
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THE NAVY'S SILENT WARRIORS LIVE AND BREATHE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE. How does a group of 130 men with an average age of 25 operate a nuclear power plant in the ocean's harshest environments while conducting complex clandestine operations aboard a 6900-ton warship with nearly flawless results? The answer lies in the community's culture which epitomizes the tireless pursuit of Operational Excellence. Applying the US Nuclear Submarine Culture to Your Organization Operational Excellence is a journey, not a destination. Let Matt and Bob give you a tour of the Navy's Silent Warriors' commitment to this journey that began nearly seven decades ago. DISCOVER: How to create a culture of intellectual integrity and the pursuit of knowledge. How to engage employees through procedural compliance and standards. How to foster an environment that fully leverages the talent of each individual. How to strengthen an organization by thoroughly evaluating mistakes. How to lead an organization to Operational Excellence from any starting point.

Operational Excellence Handbook A Must Have for Those Embarking On a Journey of Transformation and Continuous Improvement

Author: Rod Baxter
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1329184327
Format: PDF, ePub
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Operational Excellence Handbook is designed for leaders and practitioners wishing to transform their organizations through strategy and culture, and through the application of operational excellence approaches, methodologies, processes, and tools. The handbook contains 70 chapters organized in five sections describing strategy, culture, methodologies, project management, and tools that are helpful to create immediate and sustainable value for your organization. As you travel on your value generation journey, you will wish to select the appropriate approach, methodologies, and tools - based on your organization's current situation, future strategies and goals, resource availability and limitations, as well as urgency and schedule needs - that will provide immediate value. With the purchase of this handbook, the reader has access to a file containing all templates referenced in the book.

Liquid Lean

Author: Raymond C. Floyd
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439888485
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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While Lean practices have been successfully implemented into the process industry with excellent results for over 20 years (including the author’s own award winning example at Exxon Chemical), that industry has been especially slow in adopting Lean. Part of the problem is that the process industry needs its own version of Lean. The larger part of the problem is resistance to transformational change, a barrier that can only be overcome with effective leadership and results-oriented planning that engages rather than excludes all stakeholders. Winner of a 2012 Shingo Prize! Written by Raymond Floyd, an unparalleled leader of Lean transformations, Liquid Lean: Developing Lean Culture in the Process Industries provides potential process industry change agents with the no-nonsense guide needed to eliminate waste and achieve sustainable optimal efficiency. Presenting lessons in lean as they apply within the liquid industries, the book focuses on developing the four measures of Lean as defined by the Shingo Award: Business Results Consistent Lean Enterprise Culture Continuous Process Improvement Cultural Enablers Illustrated with his own success stories, Floyd describes business results, Lean enterprise thinking, and policy deployment in process industry terms. He offers detailed theory, practice, and examples of continuous process improvement, and describes the leadership and defines the ethics needed to evolve and sustain Lean transformation. Floyd lays out the specific steps needed during the first six months of transformation and the benchmarks to be achieved during the first two years of implementation. All companies can benefit from Lean; this book makes sure that those who want it, know how.


Author: Matthew DiGeronimo
ISBN: 9781980604563
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The perfect, thoughtful guide to help you be more mindful, creative, and a better leader with more than 50 bite-sized lessons, advice, and observations. In Breadcrumbs, you'll discover a collection of refreshing, mindful wisdom that will help you turn things that you already do every day into opportunities to become a better leader at work and home. From "What Is Your Trust Intelligence?" to "You've Hit A Wall...Now What?" the author provides thoughtful, bite-sized lessons and observations to help you change your perspective and your way of thinking. In this book, you'll learn about:* how to be a greedy and gracious communicator* the difference between "busy" and "creation"* to be more willing to ask questions* how to balance time and information when making decisions* how to lead different types of peopleEach vignette and lesson is a subtle, but powerful case for being more thoughtful and mindful in order to improve the environment for yourself and the people around you, and it is as simple as reading a short paragraph or two. In addition to helping you creatively improve the elements effective leadership, these musings can help you discover unknown creativity, insight, and help you learn, live and laugh one small bite at a time.

State of Readiness

Author: Joseph F. Paris Jr.
ISBN: 9781626343115
Format: PDF, Docs
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Accelerated Strategy Development and Execution The company of today has its supply chains and finances stretched further around the globe than ever before while simultaneously having increasing pressures to drive value across a complicated and fluid set of metrics and deliver innovations, products, and services more quickly and reliably. The competitive advantage belongs to the companies that can quicken their vision-building and strategy-execution efforts--the ones that can identify challenges more swiftly and accelerate their decision making so they are better able to formulate and deploy responses decisively yet with greater agility. To successfully accomplish this, companies will have to prioritize creating a culture of leadership that strengthens communication skills and emphasizes systems thinking by building capacity and capability that cuts across the business smokestacks and permeates the entire organization. In State of Readiness, Joseph F. Paris Jr. shares over thirty years of international business and operations experience and guides C-suite executives and business-operations and -improvement specialists on a path toward operational excellence, the organizational capability and situational awareness that is attained as the enterprise reaches a state of alignment for pursuing its strategies. In doing so, create a corporate culture that is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance and the circumstances of those who work there--a precursor to becoming a high-performance organization.

Controlling Risk

Author: Jim Wetherbee
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 9781630479503
Format: PDF
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How do operators prevent the next accident that is inevitably trying to kill them? How do they improve performance? Can they do both simultaneously?Operators on the front lines of danger face hazards and make life-and-death decisions in dynamic, complex situations. They are the last line of defense, intended to prevent death and destruction. After accidents, organizations issue new rules. These will succeed (for a while) in preventing similar accidents. But, accidents are rarely so simple. Hardware does not "just break." A company may be blindsided by another accident that no one thought would occur. Investigators determine the latest catastrophe was tragically similar to a forgotten previous accident. Again, new rules are issued and procedures are updated--yet the cycle of accidents continues. Organizations, and operators, must need something more than rules and procedures.To succeed in dangerous environments, people cannot and should not rely solely on the rules, even in organizations with the noblest intentions. Operators need techniques for controlling risk to supplement the rules and procedures intended to manage risk.Controlling risk keeps operators alive in dangerous operations. Since the beginning of the space program, astronauts have been developing techniques based on principles of operations to help flight crews execute successful missions and stay alive and accomplish dangerous missions in the unforgiving environment of space. Astronauts, and operators in every hazardous profession, have learned these techniques always create better performance, helping them accomplish more missions with higher quality.When embraced as a way of operating, the thirty Techniques for Operating Excellence, illustrated in Controlling Risk, enable operators to work together, improve performance in high-risk businesses, and accomplish much more in this dangerous world!

Lead On

Author: Dave Oliver
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0307537021
Format: PDF, Kindle
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“A warm yet specific book which cuts to the heart of leadership issues and savvy.”—The Bookwatch Informal, even conversational in style, Lead On! is nevertheless a serious handbook from which aspiring leaders can learn how to achieve seemingly impossible goals. The book is replete with examples from the author’s experience and from the history of the nuclear navy, where the price of failure can be death. Civilian managers will find that many of the principles discussed here can be employed with profit in private industry. The old school of motivation by coercion never accomplished much with submarine sailors, who are among the navy’s elite, and the author has found that what works with this new breed of mariner-technician can be of enormous value in dealing with the members of an entrepreneurial organization. Praise for Lead On! “A wealth of advice on military leadership that is also pertinent to civilian managers.”—The Retired Officer “It is a particular pleasure to see an officer from the ‘silent service’ publish his thoughts and viewpoints. In a light and breezy style . . . Admiral Oliver [expresses] some current thinking on critical issues.”—USNI Proceedings

Redefining Operational Excellence

Author: Andrew Miller
Publisher: Amacom Books
ISBN: 9780814433973
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Operational excellence is a mindset, and it achieves breakthrough results. It's about finding money and performance boosts in areas. Redefining Operational Excellence covers it all: processes, people, and operations. This revelatory guide presents a groundbreaking way of doing things that will benefit organizations and their customers.

Lessons Not Learned

Author: Roger Thompson
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 161251412X
Format: PDF
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Despite its reputation as the most impressive naval force in the world, the U.S. Navy is in trouble, according to the author of this book, and systemic weaknesses could be its undoing. Here, military sociologist Roger Thompson provides a compelling, often scathing, assessment of the U.S. Navy and its learning disabilities and then presents a convincing argument for reform. Thompson points to the U.S. Navy's "up or out" promotion system, massive personnel turnover, inexperienced crews, and drug and alcohol abuse as problems that make it difficult for the Navy to build cohesive, well-trained fighting units. In a review of the Navy's recent history, he finds that its ships, submarines, and aircraft are often outperformed in competitions and exercises with other navies—and its failures are either denied altogether or perfunctorily excused. Diesel submarines—so quiet that they are rarely detected until it's too late to prevent an attack—routinely surpass expensive U.S. nuclear subs and put U.S. aircraft carriers in danger. American naval pilots, whose weapons are often improperly tested, are frequently bested by military pilots from other countries. Because the U.S. Navy doesn't have enough surface ships to protect its capital ships, American carrier strike groups now use Canadian ships as escorts. Shortcomings like these, Thompson argues, undermine the Navy's potential and should be cause for national concern. In presenting a side of the U.S. Navy that's rarely discussed, this book spells out lessons the Navy must learn if it is going to succeed in an era of asymmetrical warfare—of David-versus-Goliath conflicts. In his conclusion, the author puts forth a twelve-step program that calls on the U.S. Navy to rethink its naval strategy, to lose some weight, and to focus on the fundamentals.


Author: Stewart Raffilll
ISBN: 9780998587318
Format: PDF, Docs
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RAGE - An international political thriller by Stewart Raffill. Fifteen US naval officers seize control of a USS Ohio-class nuclear submarine and threaten to attack militant Islamists around the world with nuclear weapons. In a race against time the US military tries to stop the the submarine and discovers a conspiracy that permeates the government.