Uproar s Your Only Music

Author: Brian Brett
Publisher: Exile Editions, Ltd.
ISBN: 9781550960204
Format: PDF, ePub
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This memoir is personal and intense, a vision that is half paradise, half abattoir. It is Brett telling of growing up in the shadow of his peg-legged, strongman potato-peddling father, as he reveals that he is a hermaphrodite - sometimes angelic in his insights and also physically powerful, yet always on the brink of dying. Through excruciating pain in his bones and drug-induced hallucinations, he has stayed alive into his middle years as a storyteller with a huge appetite for life and words - a man of brilliance and courage, who has confronted the essential questions and conundrums of existence.

Reaching for Clear

Author: David Solway
Publisher: Vehicule Press
ISBN: 9781550652178
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Reaching for Clear is David Solway's translation of poetry by Dominica's celebrated young poet Rhys Savarin. Savarin now joins the Greek Andreas Karavis and the Turkish Nesmine Rifat in the growing pantheon of figures given life by Solway. An internationalist of the imagination, Solway consolidates his reputation as one of Canada's most original poets with an exciting adaptation of Savarin's lush landscapes, both human and natural. Savarin's bewitching mix of visual acuity and vernacular, his celebratory sense of an island world hedged by magic (or what Savarin himself calls "the flora and fauna of a mythical condition"), has been vividly rendered by Solway into poems distinguished by their clarity, musicality, humour, and insight.