In the Lap of Tigers

Author: John Cleverley
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1461600642
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Founded in the remote mountains of ChinaOs Jiangxi Province in 1958, the Communist Labor University introduced uneducated laborers to basic agricultural science and farming techniques through an innovative work-study program until 1980. Drawing on a wealth of archival materials, John Cleverley explores the inner workings of this unique institution and the personal involvement of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, and Deng Xiaoping. Illuminating the internal and external politics of a remarkable social experiment from both an institutional and personal perspective, the book underscores the larger issues of educational reform and political change in China.

Rise of the Red Engineers

Author: Joel Andreas
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804771103
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Rise of the Red Engineers explains the tumultuous origins of the class of technocratic officials who rule China today. In a fascinating account, author Joel Andreas chronicles how two mutually hostile groups—the poorly educated peasant revolutionaries who seized power in 1949 and China's old educated elite—coalesced to form a new dominant class. After dispossessing the country's propertied classes, Mao and the Communist Party took radical measures to eliminate class distinctions based on education, aggravating antagonisms between the new political and old cultural elites. Ultimately, however, Mao's attacks on both groups during the Cultural Revolution spurred inter-elite unity, paving the way—after his death—for the consolidation of a new class that combined their political and cultural resources. This story is told through a case study of Tsinghua University, which—as China's premier school of technology—was at the epicenter of these conflicts and became the party's preferred training ground for technocrats, including many of China's current leaders.

Visions of Childhood

Author: John Cleverley
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807775916
Format: PDF
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Throughout history certain theories of childhood have influenced the way we have understood, cared for, and educated our young. These theories form the bases of our attitudes toward children, and underpin our popular childrearing pracitces. Yet they have passed through history fort eh most part unexamined. In Visions of Childhood, the authors unveil the central and often surprising notions that have shaped our conceptions of childhood in the Western world. Bringing the skills of the historian and philosopher to bear, the authors examine those visions of the child that have become the most influential including the work of Locke, Rousseau, Freud, Piaget, Marx, and Dewey. In probing these ideas, the authors trace the development of a variety of identifiable models, including the environmentalist, the atomistic, and the deterministic. Visions of Childhood is an ideal primary or supplementary text for courses in child development and psychology, early childhood education, philosophy of education, and other foundations courses. It will be a valuable resource to historians, philosophers, and inservice practitioners as well. “It is provocative in its analysis of theories of education and it challenges readers to carefully examine their own assumptions about the child, child development and child­rearing.” —Children Today

China s New Rulers

Author: Andrew James Nathan
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 9781590170724
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Profiles the leaders of China's Politburo Standing Committee, tracing their rise to power and their anticipated role in propelling China toward a market economy with stronger ties to the United States. Reprint.


Author: Jung Chang
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307807134
Format: PDF, Docs
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The most authoritative life of the Chinese leader every written, Mao: The Unknown Story is based on a decade of research, and on interviews with many of Mao’s close circle in China who have never talked before — and with virtually everyone outside China who had significant dealings with him. It is full of startling revelations, exploding the myth of the Long March, and showing a completely unknown Mao: he was not driven by idealism or ideology; his intimate and intricate relationship with Stalin went back to the 1920s, ultimately bringing him to power; he welcomed Japanese occupation of much of China; and he schemed, poisoned, and blackmailed to get his way. After Mao conquered China in 1949, his secret goal was to dominate the world. In chasing this dream he caused the deaths of 38 million people in the greatest famine in history. In all, well over 70 million Chinese perished under Mao’s rule — in peacetime.

China s Dilemma

Author: Ligang Song
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 9780815701927
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The economic growth of China is clearly one of the defining trends of our time. The world's most populous nation is undergoing a vast transformation that will redefine the global economy. Chinese industrial production has increased tremendously in recent years, and its consumption of resources has necessarily gone way up as well. These developments will have important impacts on economics, business, politics, and environmental conditions throughout the world. In C hina's Dilemma: Economic Growth, the Environment, and Climate Change, an international group of authorities examines the present status and likely future of China's economic rise and its impact on the environment, with particular focus on the all-important topic of global climate change. The first section addresses directly China's recent growth. Specific topics addressed here include the effects on China of the global credit crunch, determinants of growth, and their prospects for the future. Part II addresses China's environmental and climate concerns, including the impact on human health, their role in domestic politics, the health effects of environmental damage, and China's post- Kyoto climate strategy. Part III looks at the impact, and likely trajectory, of energy consumption in China. Contents Part I. Economic Growth: Determinants and Prospects Includes introduction Part II. Impact of Environment Degradation and Climate Change Part III. Energy Use, the Environment, and Future Trends

The Cultural Revolution at the Margins

Author: Yiching Wu
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674728793
Format: PDF
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The Cultural Revolution began from above, yet it was students and workers at the grassroots who advanced the movement's radical possibilities by acting and thinking for themselves. Resolving to suppress the resulting crisis, Mao set events in motion in 1968 that left out in the cold those rebels who had taken it most seriously, Yiching Wu shows.

The Dragon and the Crown

Author: Stanley S.K. Kwan
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9622099556
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In his autobiography Stanley S.K. Kwan discusses his roots, Hong Kong after the War, Hang Seng Bank, the new China and home and country.

Pragmatic Strategy

Author: Ikujiro Nonaka
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107001846
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents a unique pragmatic framework for shaping and solving strategic problems in a practical, creative and ethical manner.


Author: Joachim von Braun
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9400770618
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book takes a new approach on understanding causes of extreme poverty and promising actions to address it. Its focus is on marginality being a root cause of poverty and deprivation. “Marginality” is the position of people on the edge, preventing their access to resources, freedom of choices, and the development of capabilities. The book is research based with original empirical analyses at local, national, and local scales; book contributors are leaders in their fields and have backgrounds in different disciplines. An important message of the book is that economic and ecological approaches and institutional innovations need to be integrated to overcome marginality. The book will be a valuable source for development scholars and students, actors that design public policies, and for social innovators in the private sector and non-governmental organizations.​