Living with the Unexpected

Author: Anja K. Possekel
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642601456
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In 1980 my parents took me to St Lucia for the spring holidays. These vaca tions had - in the sense of the butterfly effect - considerable influence on my further curriculum. In the course of time I carried out many other journeys to the Caribbean. My colleagues even speak of an advancing "Caribbeanisation". This publication is the product of a lot of people who have supported and accompanied me during all this time. Most of my visits in the Caribbean were made possible by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). It was of great advantage to my insight into Carib bean matters that I was able to participate in the DFG-financed research pro ject "Complex resource mangement on small Caribbean islands" for five years. The final phase of my dissertation about Montserrat was also financially supported, this time by the local funds of the University of Hamburg. Within the scope of the DFG project, I stayed on Montserrat for some The island fascinated me from my first encounter. This is especially months.

Environmental Planning in the Caribbean

Author: Janet Henshall Momsen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351939580
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Illustrated by case studies from both smaller nations - such as Carriacou, Barbados and St Lucia - and larger countries - including Cuba, Mexico and Jamaica - this volume brings together leading writers on environmental planning in the Caribbean to provide an interdisciplinary contemporary critical overview. They argue that context is central to the practice of environmental planning in this region. Rather than focusing on a deterministic colonial geography and history, the contributors propose that, whilst a wide range of foreign planning influences can be felt in different contexts, environmental planning emerges in specific settings, through the fluid interaction between local and global relations of power. A number of chapters explore the effects of external discourses upon the region, while others examine discourses on Western-style democracy and tourism. Other important themes covered include participatory planning, urban planning, physical development planning, pest management, sustainable development, water pollution, conservation and ecotourism.

Negotiating Local Knowledge

Author: Johan Pottier
Publisher: Pluto Press
ISBN: 9780745320069
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The contributors to this volume offer an original approach to debates about indigenous knowledge. Concentrating on the political economy of knowledge construction and dissemination, they look at the variety of ways in which development policies are received and constructed, to reveal the ways in which local knowledges are appropriated and recast, either by local elites or by development agencies.Until now, debates about indigenous knowledge have largely been conducted in terms of agricultural and environmental issues such as bio-piracy and gene patenting. The contributors to this volume break new ground by opening up the theoretical debate to include areas such as post-war traumatic stress counselling, representations of nuclear capability, architecture, mining, and the politics of eco-tourism. Their findings have important implications for anthropology, development studies and other related disciplines.

Environmental Disasters

Author: Alexei A. Grigoryev
Publisher: Springer Verlag
ISBN: 9783540433033
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As the impacts of environmental disasters on populations and their economic activity increase, the assessment of risk from such catastrophic events becomes more urgent not only for humankind, but also for other living organisms. This book details the problems caused by such environmental disasters and discusses possible mitigation methods, including risk mapping using satellite monitoring data.

The Anthropology of News Journalism

Author: S. Elizabeth Bird
Format: PDF
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This title explores the role of news and journalism in contemporary culture from an anthropological perspective. Essays by leading scholars look at communities of professional and nonprofessional journalists.

K ste kologie Mensch

Author: Bernhard Glaeser
ISBN: 9783936581423
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Küstenregionen sind mehr als andere Gebiete vom globalen Wandel betroffen. Das reicht von der stetigen Zunahme der Bevölkerung bis hin zum Klimawandel. Mittlerweile leben über 50% der Weltbevölkerung in diesen Regionen. Vom steigenden Meeresspiegel sind nicht nur Inselstaaten im Pazifik in ihrer Existenz bedroht, sondern auch Küstengebiete an der Nord- oder Ostsee. Aus diesem Grund ist das Integrierte Küstenzonenmanagement (IKZM) als Politikfeld und als Forschungsbereich entstanden. Hier werden Konflikte um Raum und Ressourcen durch die aktive Beteiligung der betroffenen Bevölkerung und aller Nutznießer gelöst. Basierend auf lokalen und internationalen Erfahrungen liefert dieses Buch Grundlagen für eine Strategie Deutschlands im Rahmen der EU-Erfordernisse, um die Küstenregionen der Nord- und Ostsee zukunftsfähig zu erhalten.