American Public Administration

Author: Frederick C. Mosher
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 9780817348298
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“There is no other book on public administration comparable in scope and quality. Its availability in paperback should lead to widespread use as supplementary reading in public administration course, and every library at any college offering even one course in public administration should have this book in its collection.” – Choice

Public Administration in Perspective

Author: David John Farmer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317461894
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Throughout its history, public administration has used a number of different perspectives for analyzing the discipline's theory and practice, and both mainstream and alternative lenses have produced valuable insights and prescriptions. At the same time, an individual way of looking at PA can be misleading. Alone, a solitary lens can miss critical aspects and often gives only part of the picture. Public Administration in Perspective has been specifically crafted to give new life to public administration theory and practice by helping readers view the discipline through a variety of perspectives. Designed for the capstone course in public administration programs, as well as a fresh approach for courses in PA theory and organizational theory, this unique book provides a culminating experience--bringing together what has been learned in previous MPA courses without simply rehashing old content. It offers a comprehensive guide to eleven major approaches to PA, and synthesizes them to deepen our understanding of the discipline. Each chapter in Part I describes the key features of the selected perspective--history, content, and proponents--and discusses the strengths and weaknesses related to PA theory and practice. Part II synthesizes the various perpectives, with specific implications for PA management and practice. Part III concludes with a complete overview, identifying ways in which readers can think more creatively and productively about PA, putting the perspectives themselves into perspective.

The Political Theory of a Compound Republic

Author: Vincent Ostrom
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739121207
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Political Theory of a Compound Republic presents the essential logic of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton's design of limited, distributed, constitutional authority proposed inThe Federalist. Two revised and expanded ensuing chapters show how the idea of constitutional choice has been employed since the adoption of the 1789 Constitution of the United States. A new concluding chapter questions commonly accepted beliefs about sovereign nation-states and considers governance from the perspective of twenty-first century 'citizen-sovereigns.'

Handbook of Crisis and Emergency Management

Author: Ali Farazmand
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420002454
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Including contributions from sixty international authors, this book examines emergency responses to environmental dangers such as chemical fires, hazardous material and oil spills, nuclear reactor accidents, and earthquakes, and crises in the environment, global public service, and politics. It covers a wide range of international issues and topics, using various analyses, including critical, descriptive, empirical, quantitative, and normative methods. The book discusses approaches to natural disasters, resolutions to cultural, religious, and political tensions, terrorism and the potential use of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons, the role of crisis public relations, and more.

Scope and Theory of Public Administration

Author: Daniel Baracskay
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498506704
Format: PDF, Docs
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The scope and theory of American public administration have expanded outward over time through the process of interdisciplinary discourse. Interdisciplinary approaches are rooted in ancient times, but it is in modern applications that the process has become most noticeable as a substantive influence in how academic disciplines and professional practices evolve. The process of interdisciplinary discourse occurs first by decoding and interpreting basic language and concepts, and then progresses to an operationalization of ideas, consensus-building, synthesis and integration, and eventually the systematization of knowledge. It is from the systematization of knowledge that a discipline’s foundations are forged and evolve. Government is as old as society, but American public administration emerged as a structured field largely toward the late nineteenth-century, developing over the course of 125 years through the exchange of interdisciplinary ideas. The current literature on interdisciplinary approaches focuses almost exclusively upon basic teaching and research applications. This book extends the topic significantly by developing a formal process by which basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of communication are analyzed and understood. The value of this approach rests in being able to explore public administration history and contemporary times through the assorted contexts and ideas which affected the lower order core constructs (concepts, values, and principles) and higher order associational constructs (methodologies, theories, and foundations) that have been forged. As the field’s scope and theory expanded over time through the exchange of interdisciplinary content, lower levels of consensus from within caused segments of academicians to argue that an intellectual crisis had occurred, reflecting the lack of a unifying theory or paradigm. Debate over what role traditional modes of inquiry and thought would have in a contemporary era of scientific techniques naturally propelled the field into a normative-science debate. This, along with the rise of competing theories, advancements in technology, and an emphasis on establishing public administration as a relevant field with professional stature, led to two subsequent recastings during which the field has modernized and updated itself gradually over the course of several years. A third recasting may be on the horizon, carrying forward the many shaping influences of interdisciplinary discourse.

Policing in the 21st Century

Author: Dr. Lee P. Brown
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1468540971
Format: PDF
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Dr. Lee P. Brown, one of America’s most significant and respected law enforcement practitioners, has harnessed his thirty years of experiences in police work and authored Policing in the 21st Century: Community Policing. Written for students, members of the police community, academicians, elected officials and members of the public, this work comes from the perspective of an individual who devoted his life to law enforcement. Dr. Brown began his career as a beat patrolmen who through hard work, diligence and continued education became the senior law enforcement official in three of this nation’s largest cities. The book is about Community Policing, the policing style for America in the Twenty-First Century. It not only describes the concept in great detail, but it also illuminates how it evolved, and how it is being implemented in various communities throughout America. There is no other law enforcement official or academician who is as capable as Dr. Brown of masterfully presenting the concept of Community Policing, which he pioneered. As a philosophy, Community Policing encourages law enforcement officials, and the people they are sworn to serve, to cooperatively address issues such as crime, community growth, and societal development. It calls for mutual respect and understanding between the police and the community. The book is written from the perspective of someone whose peers identify as the “father” of Community Policing, and who personally implemented it in Police Departments under his command. It is a thoroughly amazing book that has been heralded as a “must read” for anyone who has an interest in law enforcement. Elected officials, academicians, leaders of the nation’s police agencies and members of the public will be captivated by Dr. Brown’s literary contribution.

The Constitution and the Future of Criminal Justice in America

Author: John T. Parry
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107434068
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Constitution and the Future of Criminal Justice in America brings together leading scholars from law, psychology and criminology to address timely and important topics in US criminal justice. The book tackles cutting-edge issues related to terrorism, immigration and transnational crime, and to the increasingly important connections between criminal law and the fields of social science and neuroscience. It also provides critical new perspectives on intractable problems such as the right to counsel, race and policing, and the proper balance between security and privacy. By putting legal theory and doctrine into a concrete and accessible context, the book will advance public policy and scholarly debates alike. This collection of essays is appropriate for anyone interested in understanding the current state of criminal justice and its future challenges.