The Story of a Life

Author: Anna Pavlovna Vygodskai︠a︡
Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press
ISBN: 9780875806716
Format: PDF, Docs
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Anna Pavlovna Vygodskaia's autobiography, originally published in 1938, is a rare and fascinating historical account of Jewish childhood and young adult life in Tsarist Russia. At a time when the vast majority of Jews resided in small market towns in the Pale of Settlement, Vygodskaia liberated herself from that world and embraced the day-to-day rhythms, educational activities, and new intellectual opportunities in the imperial capital of St. Petersburg. Her story offers a unique glimpse of Jewish daily life that is rarely documented in public sources--of neighborly interactions, children's games and household rituals, love affairs and emotional outbursts, clothing customs, and leisure time. Most first-person narratives of this kind reconstruct an isolated and self-contained Jewish world, but The Story of a Life uniquely describes the unprecedented social opportunities, as well as the many political and personal challenges, that young Jewish women and men experienced in the Russia of the 1870s and 1880s. In addition to their artful translation, Eugene M. Avrutin and Robert H. Greene thoroughly explicate this historical context in their introduction.

My Life as a Radical Jewish Woman

Author: Puah Rakovsky
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253215641
Format: PDF, ePub
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Professional educator, Zionist activist, and feminist leader--Puah Rakovsky (1865-1955) was born under the Russian Empire and died in the independent country of Israel. No mere bystander to history, Rakovsky was an activist who assumed leadership roles in the public arenas of education and politics, founding the first Jewish girls' school in Warsaw and a national Jewish women's organization in 1920s Poland. In her memoir Rakovsky reflects on the position of Jewish women in her time and gives her personal and political perspective on central events of modern Jewish history from her childhood until her emigration to the Land of Israel in 1935. In this striking autobiography, published originally in Yiddish in 1954, Puah Rakovsky (1865-1955) tells of her experiences as a Jewish woman in late 19th- and early 20th-century Poland who broke with her traditional upbringing to become a professional educator, Zionist activist, and feminist leader. Her passionate account offers unprecedented entrée into the life experience of East European Jewry in a period of massive social change. Born into a rabbinic family in Bialystok, Rakovsky witnessed the flourishing of a variety of radical political movements, the birth of Zionism, and the devastation of World War I. No mere bystander, she assumed leadership roles in the public arenas of education and politics: she founded a pioneering Jewish girls' school in Warsaw and a national Jewish women's organization in 1920s Poland. In her memoir Rakovsky reflects on the position of Jewish women in her time and gives her personal and political perspective on central events of modern Jewish history from her childhood until her emigration to the Land of Israel in 1935.

Ritual Murder in Russia Eastern Europe and Beyond

Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253026571
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This innovative reassessment of ritual murder accusations brings together scholars working in history, folklore, ethnography, and literature. Favoring dynamic explanations of the mechanisms, evolution, popular appeal, and responses to the blood libel, the essays rigorously engage with the larger social and cultural worlds that made these phenomena possible. In doing so, the book helps to explain why blood libel accusations continued to spread in Europe even after modernization seemingly made them obsolete. Drawing on untapped and unconventional historical sources, the collection explores a range of intriguing topics: popular belief and scientific knowledge; the connections between antisemitism, prejudice, and violence; the rule of law versus the power of rumors; the politics of memory; and humanitarian intervention on a global scale.

Open Letters

Author: Alison Rowley
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 144264706X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In Open Letters, the most comprehensive study of Russian picture postcards to date, Alison Rowley uses this medium to explore a variety of aspects of Russian popular culture.

Leaving Russia

Author: Maxim D. Shrayer
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 0815652437
Format: PDF, ePub
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A memoir of coming of age and struggling to leave the USSR. Shrayer chronicles the triumphs and humiliations of a Soviet childhood and expresses the dreams and fears of a Jewish family that never gave up its hopes for a better life. Narrated in the tradition of Tolstoy’s confessional trilogy and Nabokov’s autobiography, this is a searing account of the KGB’s persecution of refuseniks, a poet’s rebellion against totalitarian culture, and Soviet fantasies of the West during the Cold War.

Social History of the United States 10 volumes

Author: Brian Greenberg
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1598841289
Format: PDF, Docs
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This ten-volume encyclopedia explores the social history of 20th-century America in rich, authoritative detail, decade by decade, through the eyes of its everyday citizens. • Entries covering the lives and contributions of ordinary citizens, social movements, religion, culture, the arts, economic and labor issues, and other aspects of American life across the 20th century • Contributions by accomplished researchers in the field of American social history • Sidebars providing additional emphasis on important issues and less well-known personalities • Detailed timelines for every decade, incorporating famous events with pivotal moments that changed the lives of everyday citizens • A thematically organized index for each of the encyclopedia's ten volumes

The Women s Liberation Movement in Russia

Author: Richard Stites
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691100586
Format: PDF, ePub
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"This book offers a brilliant treatment of many facets of its subject, but it also ends up being, for the reader, one of the finest general histories to be found, of these crucial years in Russian history. The source material is unbelievably detailed, and clearly cited on each page. Not only that, the writing is, at many points, the boldest, clearest I've almost ever found in the Academy. The author's opinions, summaries, insights easily spill out of the historical constructions. The presence of the author's psyche (he never hides behind his quotes) means the material is contoured. The reader gets, not only huge amounts of information, but an authorial presence, as company, that is often daring, bold, insightful, revelatory. And one stylistic point made me especially happy: when Stites uses metaphors to explain history, these are revelatory, and their internal implications are followed through in the prose." (Feb. 2, 2011.).

A Jewish Life on Three Continents

Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804786208
Format: PDF, Docs
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This remarkable memoir by Menachem Mendel Frieden illuminates Jewish experience in all three of the most significant centers of Jewish life during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It chronicles Frieden's early years in Eastern Europe, his subsequent migration to the United States, and, finally, his settlement in Palestine in 1921. The memoir appears here translated from its original Hebrew, edited and annotated by Frieden's grandson, the historian Lee Shai Weissbach. Frieden's story provides a window onto Jewish life in an era that saw the encroachment of modern ideas into a traditional society, great streams of migration, and the project of Jewish nation building in Palestine. The memoir follows Frieden's student life in the yeshivas of Eastern Europe, the practices of peddlers in the American South, and the complexities of British policy in Palestine between the two World Wars. This first-hand account calls attention to some often ignored aspects of the modern Jewish experience and provides invaluable insight into the history of the time.