War in the Heavens

Author: Victor Ansor
ISBN: 9781633081499
Format: PDF
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I was a cultist. I joined one of the most dangerous cult groups in the university. I also masturbated every day for twenty years. I was a drunkard and a chronic womanizer. What I have come to know is that it wasn't me who did all that. It was the dark spiritual forces working through me to destroy me until the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus shined on me and I was delivered. This book is based on my life experiences. It was written to expose the forces of darkness that work day and night to destroy us and hinder us from fulfilling our glorious destiny.

Exporting the American Gospel

Author: Steve Brouwer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136672192
Format: PDF, Docs
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As the pressures of globalization are crushing local traditions, millions of uprooted people are buying into a new American salvation product. This fundamentalist Christianity, a fusion of American popular religion and politics, is one of the most significant cultural influences exported from the United States. With illuminating case studies based on extensive field research, Exporting the American Gospel demonstrates how Christian fundamentalism has taken hold in many nations in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Spiritual Watchers Over the Nations

Author: Esther Ken Achua Gwan
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449702112
Format: PDF, Kindle
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God’s call to intercede for the nations came simply in the words of Psalms 2:8: “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Actually, praying for each nation can be a daunting task. Breaking down nations into cities, towns, villages, and inhabitants can be even more overwhelming. God, in His mercy, has shown a way to move His hand in prayer so He will deploy angelic assistance in the form of spiritual watchers over each nation. They will amplify the intercessor’s efforts, strengthen the body of Christ, and go anywhere God sends them, with none of the limitations to which humans are subjected.

Truth Or Territory

Author: Jim Osman
ISBN: 9780692512449
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book offers a critique of common spiritual warfare practices including binding Satan, renouncing curses, spiritual mapping and exorcisms. Using Scripture, and Scripture alone, Pastor Jim Osman shows that true spiritual warfare is not a battle over territory, but a battle for the truth. The book is divided into four sections: Establishing Biblical Principles, Exposing Unbiblical Practices, Explaining Biblical Perspectives and Examining a Biblical Passage. A biblical approach to spiritual warfare recognizes the Bible as the sole authority, rejects unbiblical and man-made methods, and rests in Christ and His finished work for victory. Many in the modern spiritual warfare movement teach a methodology of spiritual warfare that is more akin to something you would find in a Harry Potter novel (renouncing curses and using prayer mantras to seize territory) than anything described in Scripture. Many of these practices reflect a theology built on anecdotes, experience, and interviews with demons rather than a sound exegesis of Scripture. Footnoted quotations of authors like Mark Bubeck, Neil T. Anderson, and others are compared against Scripture to show that modern spiritual warfare "experts" have abandoned the authority of Scripture and opted for man-made methods to wage spiritual battle. The chapters include a study of the three enemies that every Christian faces: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Pastor Osman answers from Scripture the questions: Can a Christian be demon-possessed? Is Christ's authority ours? and, What about exorcisms? One chapter includes a helpful discussion of the link between spiritual warfare and a believer's sanctification. The foreword is written by international conference speaker Justin Peters (justinpeters.org). This book is being published as an e-book as a fundraiser to finish the new church building of Kootenai Community Church (www.kootenaichurch.org) of which Jim is one of the pastors. All the proceeds go the building fund for the completion of that project. You can see regular updates at http: //www.truthorterritory.com .

War in Heaven

Author: Derek Prince
Publisher: Chosen Books
ISBN: 080079317X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Find biblical answers, hope, and reassurance as Derek Prince explores how evil entered the world, was defeated at the cross, and how God will finally eradicate it from the universe.

Fervent LeatherTouch Edition

Author: Priscilla Shirer
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1462741355
Format: PDF
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You have an enemy . . . and he’s dead set on destroying all you hold dear and keeping you from experiencing abundant life in Christ. What’s more, his approach to disrupting your life and discrediting your faith isn’t general or generic, not a one-size-fits-all. It’s specific. Personalized. Targeted. So this book is your chance to strike back. With prayer. With a weapon that really works. Each chapter will guide you in crafting prayer strategies that hit the enemy where it hurts, letting him know you’re on to him and that you won’t back down. Because with every new strategy you build, you’re turning the fiercest battles of life into precise strikes against him and his handiwork, each one infused with the power of God’s Spirit. New York Times bestselling author Priscilla Shirer, widely known for her international speaking, teaching, and writing ministries, brings her new role from the 2015 film War Room into the real lives of today’s women, addressing the topics that affect them most: renewing their passion, refocusing their identity, negotiating family strife, dealing with relentless regrets, navigating impossible schedules, succeeding against temptation, weathering their worst fears, uprooting bitterness, and more. Each chapter exposes the enemy’s cruel, crafty intentions in all kinds of these areas, then equips and encourages you to write out your own personalized prayer strategies on tear-out sheets you can post and pray over yourself and your loved ones on a regular basis. Fervent is a hands-on, knees-down, don’t-give-up action guide to practical, purposeful praying.